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Ancient Indian History – MCQ | Important GK Question

Ancient history as a term alludes to the total of past occasions from the earliest starting point of composing and recorded mankind’s history and stretching out similarly as the post-traditional history. The expression might be utilized either to allude to the timeframe or the scholarly control. The range of written history is about 5,000 years, […]

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ssc gk mcq question paper; ssc questions
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SSC Question Paper | GK MCQ | Government Exam Crack

1. The Finance Commission is constituted under article…… of the constitution of India. a) 270 b) 280 c) 226 d) 245 Answer- B 2. Who built The Taj Mahal? a) Shahjahan b) Sher shah c) Nadir shah d) Jahangir Answer- A 3. The Nalanda University was founded by- a) Samudra Gupta b) Chandra Gupta c) […]

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